Vet Webinar „Cat Friendly and Stress Free Medicating Techniques“

Cats are unique in that they cannot be easily convinced to take oral medications as a treat and holding them for injections or sampling procedures needs to be on their terms – or it doesn’t happen. However there are many little things that can be done to improve the feline experience within the veterinary hospital or at home. From correct use of compounding pharmacies to different needle options, variations of injection techniques and new challenges such as the painful Remdesivir administration for FIP therapy – a look in the feline friendly medicine cabinet.

This webinar is sponsored by Stressfree Pets

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Serina Filler

Dr.Serina Filler, PGCert PhD MANZCVS MRCVS

Dr. Serina Filler is a 2012 graduate of Vienna/Austria but had spent significant time of her training at Washington State University and UC Davis, USA. She has run a cat rescue network and breeding cattery whilst an undergraduate student which was followed working as a vet in private clinics in Germany. She then relocated to the UK to obtain a postgraduate certificate in small animal medicine and surgery, a PhD in feline haemoplasmas (although she’ll tell you it’s about mice and bioinformatics) and to work in her passion field of cat-only practice.

Serina qualified as MANZCVS in 2021 and enjoys all topics feline but is particularly passionate about evidence-based medicine and data-driven innovation.

She is a published author in feline genetics, infectious diseases and pain management and serves as a reviewer for JFMS.